Sometimes a painting just does not want to be painted. Well, we’ll see about that.

The painting process, in my opinion, can go down two paths. The first isa¬† super easy process where everything falls into place with very little effort, I like to call that being in the zone. The other, well, is rather painful, and requires one to just work through the process, searching to find the painting that you see in your minds eye, I call this the uglies. The painting that I am working on now, is falling into the later category. I know what I want it to be, but finding it and making that a reality is very difficult. I am searching for the right flesh tones and colors. The shape of the face is not quite right. I normally work to completion, each quadrant that is segmented off. But in this case, I left one quadrant unfinished and moved onto another. When that one proved to be difficult, I moved onto a third. And now I’m frustrated. What to do? So, thankfully, I work on multiple canvases at the same time. It’s onto another painting and I will just let this one sit in the corner and stair at me. I will work through the uglies. This painting, like many before, will not defeat me.


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